Pramodh Anand Iyer



Hello there!

Welcome to my webpage, Gardenia.

Classical Acupuncturist.

I am Pramodh Anand Iyer, and I'm a Classical Acupuncturist.

On this site, I shall discuss simple lifestyle solutions to basic health issues and answer common health related questions.

  • Phone: +91 8072 2097 03
  • City: City : Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

As a Classical Acupuncturist I treat and advise patients and clients to live healthy and happy lives, free from both disease and medication.

It's easy to pop a pill to escape pain until the Piper comes asking for his due. But, Men of Character know that health is a responsibility, and not a mere prescription.

Do you keep falling sick?

Have you been on medication 'since forever'?

Have you been told that your ailment is 'for life'?

Would you like to get out of this rut?

If you said 'yes' to any of the above, you're welcome to call me and drop by at my clinic. I provide solutions for those who seek it.